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Journal "Povos e Culturas"

Povos e Culturas, 22 - Património Cultural e Transformação Digital


Património Cultural e Transformação Digital, Fernando Ilharco, Peter Hanenberg e Marília dos Santos Lopes (coord.), Lisboa, Universidade Católica Editora, 2018 (Povos e Culturas, 22), ISBN 9489725406311 



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2018 marks the European Year of Cultural Heritage, under the motto Heritage: where the past meets the future. In this sense, the European Commission intends to reinforce the universal value of the European cultural heritage, with contemporary communities, in order to preserve it and pass it on to future generations.
Under this pretext, the Center for the Study of Peoples and Cultures of Portuguese Expression (CEPCEP), in partnership with the Center for the Study of Communication and Culture (CECC), of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), presents this volume, inserted in the collection of CEPCEP 'Peoples and Cultures' and launched at a conference on November 30, 2018, both dedicated to the theme of Cultural Heritage and Digital Transformation.
With these initiatives, and considering the vocation of CEPCEP and CECC for the study of the cultural interaction that the Portuguese presence has generated in people from various continents, as well as the promotion of knowledge and culture, we aim to address the theme presented, from an interdisciplinary perspective .
With a reflection on Cultural Heritage and Digital Transformation, we want to reinforce the relationship, not always visible, between culture and development, innovation and entrepreneurship. If, on the one hand, it is important to keep alive the close and identity relationship conveyed in the different strands of heritage, on the other hand, it urged to question how they relate and dialogue with the various heritage manifestations with the new digital media and languages.

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