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ComNetNEET- Community Networking for Integration of Young People in NEET Situation

ComNetNEET- Community Networking for Integration of Young People in NEET Situation

The framework of this project is the ERASMUS +Program with duration of 36 months and based on a partnership composed by several entities from the following countries: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

The main objectives of the project are:
(1) To IDENTIFY THE STATE OF THE ART AND GOOD PRACTICES OF SOCIAL INCLUSION (using work based learning strategies) targeted at young people in partners’ countries.
(2) To DESIGN, CONCEIVE AND DEVELOP A MODEL OF INTERVENTION in the countries of the partnership;
(3) To conduct a PILOT APPLICATION of the methodology at local level in PT, ES and IT;
(4) To promote AWARENESS MEETINGS in the context of the project to EXCHANGE EXPERIENCES and identify best practices already in place;
(5) To validate the model through a MULTI-STAKEHOLDER approach and to evaluate the impact of this experience/model;
(6) To reinforce and match the role of different stakeholders to find the best means of optimization, and increase the NETWORKING CAPACITY, with a view to enhance NEETs social inclusion and employability;
(7) To DISSEMINATE and EXPLORE the project results among relevant beneficiaries and ensure their SUSTAINABILITY at a practice level through the training of professionals and at the institutional level, influencing policies and changing the culture of services provided.

This project will be carried out transnationally because at EU level NEETs are considered one of the most problematic and heterogeneous groups in the context of youth unemployment. There is a high diversity within the group and across different countries. This requires different levels of support and intervention as well as close working collaboration across all organizations that have a say in the lives of young people.

This project will enhance networking and co-operation amongst partners, including the exploitation of tools existing in each country involved, to improve performance of E&T systems, public authorities to better answer to the needs of NEET people at national/EU level.

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