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Current activities

KEYSTONE (2018- )


The partnership to develop the project is composed of 5 partners: ARCOLA Research LLP (UK), Universidad Internacional de LA RIOJA (SP), BORGORETE (IT), M2I, (GR)  Universidade Católica Portuguesa/CEPCEP (PT), and it is coordinate by ARCOLA.

KEYSTONE's main aim is to develop, implement and evaluate an innovative approach to delivering interventions aimed at the socio-economic inclusion of marginalised young people, based on 'Community Lablets'. These Lablets aim to explore how at risk young people can play a pivotal role in creating socio-ecological innovations for a sustainable model for change in the EU. Project strategic objectives are: to identify the key drivers and constraints to young people's participation in interventions; to set up Community Lablets in three EU cities namely Lisbon, that enable young people  to become co-producers of social innovations; to conduct one action research experiment in each to develop and evaluate a co-produced social innovation;  to share innovation using a ‘benchlearning’ methodology; to use replication analysis to assess the replicability and sustainability of the Lablet approach at the wider EU level.

The key expected short term results of KEYSTONE for participating young people are:  acquisition of digital competences across a range of ICTs; increased skills in problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurship, communication and teamwork; increased skills in ideas generation; increased critical thinking and evaluation skills; increased capacity to 'read the world' - better understanding of their realities and the communities they live in; increased capacity and skills for joint working and action planning.

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