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Current activities

MEDICI (2019 )


The partnership to develop the project has a technical coordination by Tavistock (UK) with the following partners: LAB (IT), UCP/CEPCEP (PT), Smart Bananas (SB) IT, KETHEA(EL) , LLL-P (BE),  UNIR (SP).    MEDICI’s strategic objective is to develop and disseminate widely an interactive catalogue of best practices and online maps of Europe that summarises the existing best practices that take place at local, regional or national level to better integrate vulnerable/disadvantaged groups in the digital society across the 28 EU Member States. It will also identify areas where no initiatives exist to tackle digital exclusion and where vulnerable people are therefore more at risk of exclusion. MEDICI recognizes that this Interactive Catalogue and Maps will have limited value unless they evolve over time, as the needs of users change; provide credible, evidence-based practical solutions to solve real problems in different contexts; incorporate the experiences and learning of stakeholders in the field and support the exchange of these experiences and learning. MEDICI’s approach therefore delivers a multi-methodological, holistic design that aims to lay the foundations for developing and sustaining a ‘knowledge ecosystem’ to support digital inclusion. This approach incorporates six inter-connected components: i) the Interactive Catalogue and Maps of best practices at the heart of the project ii) a Content Repository and content management system providing access to the Interactive Catalogue and Maps and for developing them over time iii) research activities – using a ‘scientific realist review’ methodology to identify, collect and analyse further best practices iv) a network and Knowledge Community that allows stakeholders in the field of digital inclusion to access the good practice cases in theCatalogue; apply them in their practice; share experiences and create new ways of applying the practices  v) evaluation and replication actions that, firstly, develop and apply a methodology to assess the evidence effectiveness and replication potential of the best practice cases in the Knowledge Bank and, secondly, provide support for stakeholders to evaluate and scale up and out their practices more effectively vi) Community Building – expanding the network and Knowledge Community to ensure widespread diffusion and utilization of the best practices throughout the EU and beyond.

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