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CEPCEP (Research Centre on Peoples and Cultures) is a research centre of the Portuguese Catholic University, established in February 1983. CEPCEP pursues the development of culture, knowledge, advanced research, and co-operation in the intellectual, artistic, technological and scientific fields, bringing together people from different walks in life and from various continents.  In accordance with its charter, CEPCEP aims at furthering the understanding of human and cultural interactions throughout the world and the collaboration in the advancement of knowledge in all fields related to human and social behaviour.

From 1983 to date CEPCEP has carried out several courses, seminars and research projects. «Povos e Culturas» (Peoples and Cultures) is the title of CEPCEP official journal, which covers diverse thematic areas. Moreover, the journal is concerned with an adequate geographical representation: Portugal, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In addition, CEPCEP runs an intensive editorial activity touching a wide range of initiatives encompassing books, studies, working papers, and encyclopaedia.

Among all activities one should underline the long list of research projects in the domains of labour markets, skills anticipation, human capital forecasting, medium and long-term employment scenarios, labour market surveys, evaluation of European employment strategies, evaluation of major re-skilling public policies, skills audit, low-skilled policy, migrants and job opportunities, unemployment profiling, labour market barometer, early warning indicators of labour fluctuations, occupational mobility, wages and qualifications in the labour force, econometric estimations of macro and micro employment creation and destruction, organisational innovation, migration policy and equity, education and training needs in the context of lifelong learning programmes.

Thus, CEPCEP is commonly regarded as the country leading hub of research and applied study regarding the interface between education and training systems, on one hand, and labour markets, on the other.

On the 25th February 2008 CEPCEP achieved 25 years of existence. A commemorative brochure has been published, with its all activities.

His Eminence D. José Policarpo honoured the opening ceremony commemorations with the conference Os Sinais dos Tempos.


On the 25th February 2013 taked place the comemorations of the 30th aniversary. The ceremony was chaired by the Rector, Professor Maria da Glória Garcia.

The ceremony was followed by a Mass of Thanksgiving in the Chapel of St. Mary, Seat of Wisdom, presided by Rev. Canon John Seabra, and the concelebrants Rev. Fr Mário F. Lages and Fr João Lourenço.

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